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Robby Hirst


Whether it be crossing rivers in an African jungle, standing in a field in the Midwest during a thunderstorm, or climbing numerous flights of stairs in Texas heat, I’ll do anything needed in order to get the shot.

I love traveling and have global experience on three continents. While nature and wildlife are some of my favorite types of things to capture, I enjoy almost all of my photo and video assignments.

I graduated from Baylor University where I got my bachelor’s degree in New Media. While in college I  was fortunate to get to work closely with Curtis Callaway, a former Cousteau Diver, to learn photography and video. Baylor also gave me a taste of teaching. Professors enlisted me to teach classes including Photo I, Intro to Video, Media Design, Editing, and Advanced Editing.

I worked for a commercial photography firm, Julien & Lambert Photographic Services in Fort Worth for five years. Through this company, I learned to work professionally in events, on location, and do studio photography. I have served as their primary video producer on commercial projects.