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Professional Instagram Stories


There is something to be said about being consistent in posting to different social media platforms for your business. It shows that you are dedicated to helping your brand grow and that you are excited to share what you and your company are doing. Not only regular posts on your business’s Instagram and Facebook pages have become a pretty routine thing, but now posting on your story is another avenue for your clients to view.


You can create 15 second clips or use photos that help promote a product or tool, you could do a product shot of something you are getting ready to release. You could show a shot of your team working behind the scenes in the office or out on the job in order to show your future customers who have questions about what your team and crew does on a job site or in the office. Another type of video you could create is a long-form video story, where you shoot multiple shots to emphasize a piece.


If you have more questions on why you should post content on your business’s Instagram, check out this link on how to use your business’s Instagram stories for marketing. https://www.shopify.com/blog/how-to-use-instagram-stories


The reason why this is getting to be so important is that Instagram has updated its platform so now you can pin your favorite stories onto your profile. It’s an opportunity to stand out creatively and professionally.


You can shoot the content on your iPhone or android device’s native camera. Most camera phones are pretty capable and have decent quality and if that’s all you have use it.


There is also something to be said about the rawness of behind the scenes photos and video, and for most people that is what tends to be the easiest thing to do. You pull out your phone, shoot a short video of the product being showcased or the set all dressed up with lights and cameras, bam, finished.


However, isn’t your goal with your business to give your clients and audience a better experience than your competitors?


Being able to have your content shot professionally will help your brand look that much better. If you truly want to make these videos stand out and make it look as powerful as possible make sure to have your stories shot with a professional DSLR or 4K camera that you have the ability to manipulate the exposures in camera that make your subjects look far more cinematic! AND BETTER!


With so many of the newer cameras nowadays having wifi capabilities it has become pretty easy to take a photo or video on a camera like a Sony a6300, which is a popular Youtube video camera, and transfer it directly to your phone in second to edit, caption and post.


A short clip could still be shot on a small handheld gimbal or even thrown up on a tripod, which could help make those those rough and unsteady shots look significantly better. It can also help make your content more digestible for your audience and future clients who want to see what all you and your business have going on.


Your business should showcase who your team is and to what extent you are willing to go for your client. Giving your customers something they will enjoy viewing is only adding to their experience and to your credibility of being a professional business.  




          Professional shot and Edited                                    Shot RAW on an iPhone





















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