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How to Make the Perfect About Us Video

December 11, 2018

Summarizing everything a person needs to know about your business in a video is so complex. Writing about it is one thing and making a video out of it is another thing. You don’t want to make it too long, too wordy or too boring, or expect nobody to watch it. The ultimate question is: what’s your company really about? Sounds so simple yet so difficult to answer given the limited space and considering your site visitors.


The About Us Video is one of the most important parts of your site because it introduces your business to the world. This is your company’s chance to be seen into your own perspective. While it seems difficult, there are a lot of innovative ways to do it. You may start with the people inside your company, the day-to-day activities and how it all started. People visiting your site should know what makes your company different from the others.


The goal is to make your About Us Video catchy to your audience. Here are some tips to achieve that goal:


Be proud of your TEAM.


A great company is a result of awesome people working in it. So what could be a better content of an About Us Video than an amazing team? Videos of your team and why you think they are an asset to your business is a great way to start. Site visitors often want to know the people behind every successful company.


Let your PRODUCT or SERVICE speak.


The About Us Video is usually the first one to be visited on every site so you better show your visitors what you’ve got. A nice video presentation of your products or services can do the trick. Be creative but honest, you can even add a little humor if it is necessary.


What makes you UNIQUE?


While it is good to showcase your team’s individuality, group effort should also be shown. Each individual, when they work together they create this certain culture and own it. It maybe one of the reasons why they stay with the company. Also, it can be a big factor of your company’s existence.




Keep it real! You may put some spice into it, but do not overdo it. Think of a way to show the mission and vision of your company in a creative and heartwarming way. The day-to-day activities should be shown in a way the site visitors can understand or even can relate to it. Remember that you want to show the heart and soul of the company through your About Us Video. It should be complete yet simple. Do not leave your site visitors hanging because your About Us Video is not a mystery to be solved.


Check out this About Us Video we did for bkm Studio over in Dallas and book your free consultation today! 



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