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How to Incorporate a Video Into Your Website

December 27, 2018

Your company’s website is a gateway for your visitors to learn more about your business so it should be pleasing to the eye yet still informative. A website redesign every now and then is not a bad idea, too! What could be a better way to make your website appealing to your visitors than a nice video, right?


Incorporating a video into your website is actually pretty simple. The goal is to make your visitors want to see your video content first. The video on your website should be the main attraction. How would you do it? See some tips below.


Make the video a priority on your website. Texts (only) on websites are out. Images are not so in anymore as well. Texts and images together are okay but to complete a great website, it has to have a video in it. The idea of choosing a great video to put into your website is the same as choosing the best texts and images. It all should start with brainstorming. Think of the concept or what you want to see on your website then make it happen.


Customize. Brainstorming is one thing, putting it into action is another thing. Your video should be one of a kind and should be made specially for your website. Hiring a professional team like RH Media to make the perfect video is the way to go. You’ll have the assurance that what you have in mind will be put into action in the most creative way possible.


Put the ideas together into one great video. Remember, you can not just put any video just for the sake of having one on your website. It has to be a video that is informative and should tell a story about the company. But do not set aside the ideas of customization and creativity. You want to make sure that your visitors, upon watching the video, will understand your unique branding and will have a lasting impression of what your business is all about.


From small ideas to a unique video that will take your website to a new level, there’s just one more tip left to say, choose your player wisely. What’s going to host your video? Whether you’re going to use a generic player or a player that comes with a subscription, just make sure it doesn’t confuse your visitors into appreciating the player more than the video presentation.


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