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How to Convert Leads into Customers Through Videos

January 24, 2019

It’s no longer a secret that creating videos for marketing is very powerful and can help a lot in engaging your brand to your leads. These leads can potentially become your customers, and you know what this means - more sales!


Though video marketing is highly popular nowadays, no customers has been overwhelmed by a company using so much videos. Videos are still effective because they vary from one company to another and from one campaign to another. It’s really up to you and perhaps your marketing team to create videos that tell stories, raise awareness and eventually generate more leads.


Creating videos for your potential customers is like taking them into a journey. Here are the stages of what a customer’s journey should look like:


The first step is to ENTICE your leads. Make them aware of your brand’s existence. Make them feel that they are part of your target audience. From strangers, turn them into visitors. Remember, you want a visitor that will come back. You might want to start here with videos showing your brand personality while establishing innovation and insights about your company. By doing so, your visitors will become familiar with your company.


The second step is to CONVERT your leads into customers. You now have a visitor who could potentially be your customer. You are now ready to present your products and/or services to your leads. Evaluate your target audience then connect with them through your video marketing. Some effective materials are product demos, webinars and videos with in-depth explanation.


The third step is to CLOSE the transaction with your customers. Make a “What’s in it for me?” video. Tell your customers why purchasing your products and/or services is a nice idea. A great video would be making them visualize that they are actually using your products. Other good videos would be testimonials from real customers or case studies of true to life users.


The fourth and final step is to KEEP the customers coming back. The simplest ways are gratitude and onboarding videos. Of course, you would like to keep the customers engaged on your company so keep them informed and up to date with your company and your products and /or services. Educational videos of what they have purchased from you would be great.


Sounds fun, right? What are you waiting for? Start your customer’s journey through video marketing now!

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