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The Common Mistakes of Homepage Videos

February 25, 2019

First-time visitors will surely encounter your homepage video first before anything else. Since these visitors are also potential customers, you want to make sure you'll get them the first time. It's all about a good first impression and positive feedback simply because you do not want them to skip your site.


If you opt to use video on your homepage (and you probably should), make sure you do not make these list of mistakes I am about to tell you.


Do not complicate your objectives. Keep in mind that a homepage video is not the hero of your business so do not put everything in there. Set a specific objective and start planning your homepage video through that objective. Your homepage video is just an introduction of your business but make sure it is something interesting to your potential client.


Do not go to details just yet. Squeezing in everything a customer needs to know about your business into your homepage video is a big NO. Your homepage video is just a part of a whole, besides, you do not want to let your potential customers get bored. You have a whole website where details can be put into different parts. An overview of what should they expect from you and your business is a good example of an ideal homepage video. Make it as simple as you can.


Do not leave a homepage with a video alone. Different people have different preferences. While homepage videos are becoming more and more popular, your text should not be sacrificed because believe it or not, some people still loves reading over watching. Make sure that your whole homepage has everything your potential client needs to know about your business, or links to where to find information so navigation of your site will be easier.


Do not let the video get in the way. Of course, you do want your visitors to visit your entire website, not just the homepage. To achieve this goal, make sure your video has hints on what can be found on other pages of your website. 


Remember, video is just one of the many things you can do to make a memorable first impression to your potential customers. It is very important that all pages of your website are interconnected to one another, too. 







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