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Homepage Video: How to Do it Right

March 14, 2019

The homepage of a website is where a business usually gets its first impression. For business owners, they want first impressions to last especially for first time visitors of their websites who could be potential customers. What could be a better way of giving a very nice first impression than a homepage video, right?


First time visitors do not usually go through the whole website so the homepage should be inviting enough to get the attention of your potential customers. A video on your homepage will give your potential customers a first experience with your business and your brand. 


When it comes to using a video on your homepage, you have to do it right. Since you already know the common mistakes of homepage videos, it is now time to know how to do the homepage video right. Read on to find out.


Let your visitors know what your business is all about. Most potential customers, if not all, would love to know the answer to the question, "what does your business do?". A visitor wouldn't want to spend a lot of time clicking your website here and there for the first time. So give the answer right away on your homepage video content.


Make sure you know who your audience is. Though you want as many visitors as you can possibly have on your website, it is important to know who you are talking to. Create a homepage video that will make your potential customers feel that the video was created for them. Engage with your viewers while talking about your business and your brand in a memorable way.


Autoplay your video. Autoplay is a great advantage simply because you are encouraging your visitors to watch your video since it's already being played. However, keep in mind that if you opt to autoplay your video, you have to make sure it's short, silent or at least sound-optional. 


Your homepage video should be front and centered. Remember, your video's goal is to get a lot of attention. Homepage video shouldn't be hiding somewhere, rather it should be right where it should be, the center stage. 


A homepage video is considered one of the most powerful tools to increase your customers. If you follow these simple tips, you wouldn't get wrong with a homepage video.








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